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Stress And Anxiety, Are They Killing Us?

Definition Of Stress (n) - Bing Dictionary 1. Strain felt by somebody: mental, emotional, or physical strain caused, e.g. by anxiety or overwork. It may cause...
healing journey

My Healing Journey And Why I Set Up Global Healing Exchange

My healing journey started in childhood as my biological mother was schizophrenic. I lived in a state of fight/flight and didn’t feel safe. Even...
Sad In Winter

What Is Adrenal Fatigue & Is It A Modern Epidemic?

Guest blogger today, on the topic of Adrenal Fatigue, is my friend & weaver of herbal magic, Naturopath Jayne Larkins of Vital Child.  But...
Gratitude Journal

Nourish Your Adrenals And Experience Zest In Your Life!

If you’ve ever lacked motivation, had low energy and no drive to get up and go then there is a good chance that your...
Effects Of Stress On Our Bodies

The Effects Of Stress On Our Bodies

Stress - What Does it Do & What Can Help Me To Relax? So many of us are living stressful lives and many of us...

Using Psychology To Improve Your Race Day Performance

"After 13 years of coaching and interacting with athletes I find that the biggest single hurdle for athletes is their mental approach to racing...

Natural Remedies From Our Community

Here are some natural remedies from our community. I asked them what they use on themselves and their family and this was the response: Sleep...

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