Recovery & Planning Your Life After A Disaster

Planning Your Life

If you take into consideration that we come into this life to learn through the experiences we attract, then the fact that you have had one disaster after another indicates that you are well on your way to accomplishing exactly why you are here, and that is to grow spiritually.

Pain lends to spiritual growth. So let’s look at recovery and planning your life after a disaster.

As we know from the law of attraction, we attract that which we continually hold in our consciousness (or subconscious) and then act upon.

But your question has to do with how you can deal with your problems, especially when they seem to be more than you can handle.

There are a number of esoteric practices that have helped all of humanity throughout the ages. One of the most used and most important is to go back to basics. First find a place where you can sit quietly, alone, without interruption.

Then center yourself and become as calm as you can. Silently instruct your physical body, emotions, and mind to become still, completely at rest.

Then using whatever technique works best for you, attune with your Higher-Self, that authentic, eternal self that is wiser, more loving, and more powerful than your everyday self.

Then ask: “Why is this happening to me, and what do I need to learn from it?”

Allow yourself to receive the information coming to you without interrupting. This is the time to listen, not to judge. Then after your quiet period, whether it be meditation, prayer, or just stillness, review the wisdom you received.

You might conduct this review as if you were not the person having the challenge but rather someone who was contacted to provide advice on the situation.

Sometimes the wisdom from your Higher-Self is immediate. However, sometimes it occurs a bit later, when your objective consciousness is occupied with other matters.

We’ve all had an experience when all of a sudden a thought or answer, not related to what we’re currently thinking or doing at the moment, just comes to us.

The dynamic that enables this to work is setting your intent and being receptive to receiving the answers.

You will then attract to yourself the necessary guidance that will help you move forward with understanding and make the choices or take the actions that are necessary to resolving the situation.

You can then move forward with a better understanding of what caused the challenge and also help you steer clear of falling into similar situations in the future.

There is Light At The End Of The Tunnel. There have been times, in our earth’s history, when chaos seemed to be the order of the day.

Looking back on those harrowing times, we can see that, although conditions were very uncomfortable to say the least, they did change and we, as humanity, did move forward toward a higher level of consciousness.

It seems that, before we move forward there are situations around the world that appear to be so acute that we wonder how they can possibly be resolved. However, resolved or not, we do come out the other end of the tunnel wiser and hopefully more enlightened.

It might be beneficial to keep that thought in mind when we see what’s happening in the world today. Using the techniques we know, we have an opportunity to help uplift and transform these current world conditions.

The IFGT was not founded to simply be an inspiration during easy or tranquil times. It is our aim to be of service during the most difficult of times humanity and the planet may go through.

There is so much apparent turbulence and unrest in all parts of the world. One only has to view the news or read a newspaper or speak with people we know to realize that this climate of change cuts across all boundaries.

I use the word apparent to mean that the turbulence and unrest does indeed have a root cause. It just didn’t happen because some people were unhappy or some just wanted to change a few things.

It is caused by the increased vibrations that are prevalent on our planet today. An old philosophical axiom states that, when the vibration increases, one’s short suits are exposed.

However, the good news is that one’s strengths are intensified also. These intensified strengths give us the tools, courage and patience to handle the challenges that come our way, at an ever increasing rate.

As we are able to transmute the lower vibrations that reside within us, our consciousness is raised and we begin to experience the world at a higher frequency of consciousness.

This accelerates our main directive for life on this planet, i.e., to grow spiritually through the experiences we attract into our life.

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Dr. Maryann Miller

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