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Emotional Freedom Program With Sharon White


Do you want to be successful?

Do you want to feel passionate about life?

Do you want to make changes in your life starting NOW?

If you answered YES… this is for you.


Transform Your Life In 12 Weeks With One On One Coaching!

Journey with me and we will take a deep look at the root cause of the real issues that hold you back from achieving success in ANY area of your life. We find the beliefs that no longer serve you and bust through them one by one!

At the end of the 12 weeks, you will walk away with powerful tools that you can use throughout your life to maintain success consistently.

This course will help you make lasting change FAST!


Here’s What We’ll Be Doing During Our Time Together:


• We look at the programming from your past, from your parents, teachers, peers, environment, so you can see what is holding you back.

• We will look at the negative emotions you hold inside yourself and learn how to release them.

• We will look at your old belief patterns and replace them with new empowering beliefs.

• We will look at your old behaviour patterns so you can see how to change your behaviour to attract what you want.

• We will show you new ways to empower yourself by clearing old emotions and changing your emotional state.

• We will give you new ways of thinking and acting that truly EMPOWER you so you can step into your power.


The Emotional Freedom Program will help you release yourself from the programming of your past so you can live the confident life you want.


Active Paid Members Receive:

  • An initial consultation and 12 weekly private one-on-one Skype/Phone consultation with me.
  • Email support during our weekly sessions

We will schedule times that suit both you and I for our appointments. For privacy reasons calls are not recorded.

Minimum Criteria – you must be ready to change your life. Application is subject to approval after talking to me to see if we can work together. Contact me for a FREE 15 minute Skype session  to see if we are a match to work together. 


You know you are ready to take action and step into your power. During this program for the next 12 weeks, you will create massive change in your life by learning how your subconscious mind works and how to train it.

You will learn how to change your subconscious thoughts, beliefs and your behaviours, to empower you to live a life you want. I invite you now to take the next step and step into your power. Simply buy now (add to cart button at the top of the page) and lets get started together.


“You Are the Creator of Your Own Life”. – Sharon White


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