Practitioner Promo Members Uploader & Info

Open each expandable section below and follow the instructions therein.

» You can upload as many files at once as you wish. If you have a slow internet connection uploading them one at a time may work better for you, especially with larger files like videos.

» Click the 'Select Files' button and choose your files.

» Once all the files you have to upload are displayed in the list of files, click the 'Upload Files' button.

» PLEASE WAIT until ALL files being uploaded have a green check displayed next to them and your upload success message appears BEFORE closing this tab and/or page, OR before starting another upload.

» Before we can promote you we need you to download, print, sign and the date the legal agreement below, and to then upload your signed/dated agreement using the expandable "UPLOAD" section directly above.
» Download the following PDF document for your reference and benefit so you know what our requirements are for your ad banner images.

» To get started you'll need to upload your ad banners and images using the File Uploader in the Upload expandable section above.

» Please create your ad images according to the specs provided in the PDF available for downloading from the expandable section above.

» Upload your images as image files (jpg, png).

» Create your social media post/tweet text copy as text files and upload separately. Label your ad text copy clearly so we know what platform it is meant to be used with (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

» Upload your text copy as Word docs or similar.

» These are the ad assets we need from you to start.

  • (1) 150px wide by 300px high website banner ad.
  • (1) 234px wide by 60px high email insert ad.
  • (1) Quarter Page Magazine Ad ---- Portrait: 1238px wide by 1613px high ---- Landscape: 2475px wide by 807px high
  • (1) Facebook promo image 1200px wide by 630px high.
  • (1) Facebook promo post text, best under 80 characters.
  • (1) Twitter promo image 1024px wide by 512px high.
  • (1) Twitter promo tweet text, best 70-100 characters.
  • (1) Instagram promo image 1080px wide by 1080px high.
  • (1) Instagram promo text, best under 125 characters.