Phenocal Reviews: Does This Weight Loss Pill Really Work?


No matter how much we love to tell the world that we are content with the way we look, the truth is that somewhere deep down in our minds, none of us want to be obese, looking bigger than we really should look or having our body shape hindering us from what should normally be our daily life activities.

Unfortunately, for many people, the latter is the case, whether through a momentary pause of their daily exercise regimen or sudden development of unhealthy eating habits, they have added weight that they would have loved to do without and losing weight has now become an uphill task.

You can worry no more as Phenocal is the answer to all of your worries on quick weight loss and fat burning. Considering the ingredients contained in this supplement and the benefits it offers according to users, it is perhaps the best diet plan around.

About Phenocal

Phenocal is a powerful natural supplement that has been designed to help you accelerate your weight loss process. It contains very strong ingredients that are known for their fat-burning properties.

This supplement works by suppressing your appetite and boosting your metabolism process.

Phenocal is completely safe and it’s suitable for long-term use. Although the whole process of losing weight is spontaneous and not instant, because Phenocal offers a lot more that fat burning, some users of this product experience even other benefits as quick as 12 hours after first use.

While other weight loss pills contain caffeine and some other stimulants or pharmaceutical compounds, Phenocal can enhance your weight loss efforts without these chemicals, saving you from addiction and anxiety.

Phenocal Supplement Facts

Each bottle of Phenocal contains 60 tablets. It contains several B Vitamins as well as biotin, chromium, folic acid among others. It also contains bioperine and other green tea leaf extracts.

All of these ingredients have been blended in a scientifically determined proportion such that the supplement as whole is just enough to help you burn needless calories.

Phenocal’s Formula Analysis

Vitamin D3 250%

Vitamin B3 125%

Vitamin B1 666.6%

Vitamin B5 100%

Vitamin B6 300%

Vitamin B2 294.1%

Vitamin B12 833.3%

Biotin 17%

Chromium 83%

Folic Acid 12.5%

What Are The Ingredients In Phenocal?

Phenocal ingredients are nutrient-loaded. We examine individual constituents below:

    • Vitamin D3: Some research published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has suggested that healthy or “replete” levels of vitamin D may be associated with weight loss.  
    • Vitamin B3: Also known as niacin, Vitamin B3 has been noted for its ability to aid good blood circulation, fine skin condition, good brain functioning, and most importantly its ability to lower cholesterol levels and control them.
    • Vitamin B1: Thiamine can help maintain a healthy nervous system and improve the cardiovascular functioning of the body. Some researchers say it could help increase calorie-burning, hence weight loss.
    • Biotin: This water-soluble vitamin can be found in liver, egg yolk, and other foods. The combination of Biotin and chromium has been studied as a glycemic control. This mechanism explains why it has been touted as a possibility to induce weight loss.
    • Chromium: Chromium is a trace element believed to have weight loss goods. It is believed that using supplements with chromium can keep the body metabolism healthy. Some research has claimed that chromium can melt fat and reduce appetite, hence its possibility to work for weight loss.
    • Folic Acid: Folic acid is the synthetic form of the B vitamin folate, and folate naturally occurs in food. Folic acid might be used in the prevention and/or the management of conditions such as iron deficiency, liver disease and might also have weight loss benefits due to its ability to suppress appetite.


Are There Any Phenocal Complaints?

All of the ingredients contained in this supplement are from natural sources and they do not have any known side effects.

While other supplements of the same kind may constitute a risk to health because they contain harsh stimulants and dangerous prescription diet pills, Phenocal has been specially formulated with a combination of synergistically balanced all-natural ingredients that have consistently delivered remarkable results.

No stimulants, no caffeine, no worries. You can trust Phenocal as a safe and powerful boost to your weight loss regimen.

Is There Any Phenocal Scam?

While there may be a few companies or individuals who nurture the thought to imitate Phenocal, none has come to the notice of the public as of yet. But if you are in doubt, you could check for a few details on the product you have.

Phenocal is manufactured by Pharmaxa Labs, a company that uses expert nutritional and medical professionals to research and formulate products of high-quality and innovation.

They pride themselves in producing under standard quality control procedures as prescribed by regulatory agencies in the United States of America.

Is Phenocal Safe?

Ingredients in phenocal have been clinically tested okay and safe to you by practically anyone.

While pregnant women, nursing mothers and those suffering from some sort of allergies or chronic medical conditions may want to seek professional medical advice before using, Phenocal is safe to use for every other person.

Are There Any Phenocal Side Effects?

No, there are no known side effects for this supplement.

Phenocal Review

It will take some doing to fault Phenocal results. The myriad of testimonies that flood in everyday is testament of the effectiveness of this product. Here are a few of what people have to say:

I heard about Phenocal from my friend who liked it a lot so I decided to give it a try. I lost over 12 lbs. in the very first month and then lost another 14 lbs. in month two! I really like this product and just got my husband and his brother on it. I am amazed at how great this product works. I know there is no such thing as a “magic weight loss pill” but this product is absolutely phenomenal!

– Tamika R., Albany, New York

I have used Phenocal now on two separate occasions, and I found it works extremely well. It gets your metabolism fired up and I just don’t feel as hungry throughout the day. Phenocal did help me lose 25 pounds the first time I used it but unfortunately, I stopped taking it and resumed my old bad eating habits. I recently started taking it again and I have already dropped 12 pounds in 4 weeks. Also, my energy has gone through the roof. This product is a winner!
– Mike R., Greenwich, Connecticut

There are hundreds of positive Phenocal reviews to be found all over the internet, including on the “Success Stories” page hosted on Phenocal’s website.

Where To Buy Phenocal

This supplement can be purchased on the official product page and surprisingly it is not as expensive as you might have imagined.

One unit of Phenocal (Starter Pack) is priced at $39.85, the total body balance system pack sells for $97.77. Three units of Phenocal can be ordered for just $119.62 while a pack of five Phenocal bottles is marked $199.36.

Is Phenocal Worth Buying?

There is no doubt that Phenocal is worth every cent of the value put on it. The increased energy levels and improved alertness with all the safety it offers is enough reason to buy.

In addition to that, the manufacturer of Phenocal, Pharmaxa Labs, offers a 60-day money back guarantee to every buyer in case you are not satisfied with the product.

What are you waiting for? Head to the official product page to make an order.

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