21.12.2012 When Black Becomes White – Numerology


Wow. Only two days to go until the end of the Mayan calendar. Whew! We’re finally here. I’m sure 21.12.2012 is going to be a WHOPPER of a day, let me explain why in this article. What do you know about numerology?

Firstly, have you been feeling the change in energies lately?

Symptoms might include unexplained anxiety, fatigue, restlessness and the desire to move on from painful situations…to go up the spiritual elevator so to speak, and see what’s on the top floor.

The reason you might be having these symptoms is that Friday is a Universal 11 Day (2+1+1+2+2+0+1+2) and 11 is the day of sudden wake up calls and the beginning of new trends. Interestingly,

BLACK (2+3+1+3+2) = 11
WHITE (5+8+9+2+5) = 29 = 2+9 = 11
LIGHT (3+9+7+8+2) = 29 = 2+ 9 = 11

That’s right – Universal 11 days like 12.12.2012 and 21.12.2012 are here to show us that Black equals White in a spiritual sense, it’s all a matter of Lighting!

Where in your life have you been afraid of the dark?

Where in your life have you been rushing along, trying to avoid your shadow side through overwork, lack or rest or worry? Has it worked?

Isn’t is true that in life, we get stuck in fixed beliefs like ‘I can’t move on’ or ‘It’s all too hard’ until the ‘lights come on’ and we realise nothing stops us but our thinking?

My belief is that we live in a kind Universe and the next step is always illuminated. Your life journey is a personal diary that only you can read and write in, and the trick is to live as if every word counts.

Speak only truth and you will experience only truth. Speak only love and you will experience only love.

If there are areas in your life where you have been lying to yourself, then 21.12.2012 will show you how to start all over again.

You see, 2013 is a Universal 6 year which is all about letting go of perfectionism and allowing people to love you no matter what you think you’ve done wrong.

The energies beginning on 21.12.2012 will peak in 2018 so expect lots of political, environmental, spiritual and social upheaval until then. We’re moving to a world where people believe in psychic powers and coincidence once more. Hooray!

Still think I’m a bit nuts? Let’s see what else is coming in on 21.12.2012:

URIEL (3+9+9+5+3) = 29 = 2+ 9 = 11…Uriel is the Archangel for Aquarians and he/she stands for brilliant ideas and ingenuity. As they say the solution to war isn’t peace, it’s CREATIVITY 🙂

PSYCHIC (7+1+7+3+8+9+3) = 38 = 3 + 8 = 11 That’s right more and more people will be hearing voices and seeing things that can’t be explained by the rational mind…you may be one of them! Time for a reading or palmistry workshop perhaps…

JESUS (1+5+1+3+1) = 11 Even if you aren’t a Christian this is a beautiful sign that people are ‘getting’ the fact that unconditional love is the only way to move people on a mass scale…the public don’t care how much you know, only how much you care.

SO – that’s my two cents for 21.12.2012.

I expect we will see the biggest shifts in places with high 11 energy such as France, Germany, Sydney (Australia) and Africa. Stay tuned for more blog posts soon…wishing you all the best during this magical transition,

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Sarah Yip

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