Growing Old Isn’t Without It’s Perks

Growing Old

We’re all inspired beings and not quite like any other generation. As we got older, we found there was less need for hurry-hurry and rush-rush and more time for creative expression.

The idea of getting older and useless just does not compute for baby-boomers. We used to think 50 to 60 was old. Now we think 70 to 80. Pablo Picasso said, “It takes a long time to become young.”

There’s no longer the slightest doubt that eating the right foods is the key to preventing heart disease, cancer, and other age- related diseases.

Eating right can help our cells repair and replace themselves more quickly, transport energy and get rid of waste and toxins more efficiently.

Take a bite out of aging and boost your youth hormones at the same time! Remember to choose the senior meals when eating out, as eating less reduces the body’s production of age-accelerators.

Studies of midlife and beyond, means more choices, more opportunities and more freedoms. Instead of hitting the recliner, we’re returning to school or to work, advancing our education, or finding new interests and discovering or rediscovering suppressed talents.

We can thank Affirmative Action that opened up education, employment, and business for our women.

Most of us understand that Affirmative Action is necessary to develop a strong workforce without gender or racial bias. Women of all ages have a lot to offer their communities and Affirmative Action helped insure that everyone gets the chance to contribute.

Most of us know exercising is the best anti-aging medicine in the world. For those of us with mobility problems, we can exercise in water and socialize at the same time.

Studies suggest that regular exercise may boost our bodies’ levels of antioxidants, jumping our immunity and energy systems into high gear. It also helps prevent the free-radical damages that tend to gum up our aging bodies.

Over the last 20 years or so we have been enjoying unprecedented opportunities for preserving our looks and good health. When we look good, we feel good. When we feel good, our self-esteem soars and the fire in our bellies lights up our eyes.

Enjoy Some Of The Perks Of Aging Below:

1. We can laugh in public, be affectionate, be spicy and indelicate

2. We know and trust ourselves, our abilities and capabilities

3. We can say No! and mean it without guilt or explanation

4. We’ve earned the privilege to be unique and in control

5. We have more time to let our creative juices flow

6. We don’t have to prove ourselves to anybody or anyone so we can try anything

7. Sex becomes less about performance and more about tenderness and sharing

8. We don’t have to cook if we don’t want to; my motto is forage, take out or take me out!

9. Like our pets, we can now snooze when we choose without guilt

For those elderly or homebound who must spend most of their time alone, the web is a wonderful place to experience. The secret of a full life, after all, is keeping busy doing, doing, doing. This makes life exciting and adventurous.

Additionally, there are an increasing number of us who are grandparents who are actively involved in raising our grandchildren. Check out at, coloring-activity pages for both grandparent and grandchildren to enjoy together. is a very accessible website, even if you need special access equipment. NanoGames can usually be adjusted to all disabilities. These are fun brain and action games for all ages. They use Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Apple Mac.

Following Is A Bulleted List Of Some Extra Perks Of Socializing On The Web:

• New perspectives. By doing something new we get a sense of feeling young and keeping up with our kids and our grandkids.

• Control. MapQuest to help us get directions for dinner, shows or even a new doctor.

• Greater access. We can get new and exciting and up-to-the-minute medical knowledge from surfing the net; the news also traffic warnings on the web like road closings and back-ups on the freeway.

We can check all before going out and getting stuck somewhere that is not safe or convenient.

• Fun. In addition to computer games, technology enables us to make videos of family, friends, as well as listen to books, music and/or find new ideas for hobbies and creative outlets.

• Close connection. Phones, pagers, and email marketing make contacting others a breeze. We can now send pictures of children or grandchildren via videotape or email or you can use the internet videophone to see and talk with each other on distant holidays.

We even have picture-telephones now. Comb your hair and call your distant friends, kids or grandkids via the telephone!

• New friends. Meet people on line or join a computer class, using social websites like Plenty of Fish introduces us to people of all backgrounds and ages that have the same interests as us.

Interaction with a variety of people keeps us active, energized and less lonely or depressed.

• Better use of life experiences. It may be the 20-ish wonder-lings that are inventing these tech marvels, but it is the people 40 and over, who know what to do them.

People with more life experience like us elders are the ones who use technology in the most innovative and exciting ways to better our lives.

Check out news magazines on the web like Newsweek and Time. has their own blogging site for the elderly. gives elders many ways to stay healthy and well. Use the computer like a classroom. The brain is like an umbrella. It works best when open!

It is a good idea to practice using high-tech gadgets before they are needed. We can get good at anything over time. Don’t worry – none of us have to learn something all at once.

Whether it is your VCR, microwave, stereo or your computer, go ahead enjoy sending an email or accessing a phone message just for practice. Once one task is mastered, we can move onto another.

Investigate. Go to your public library and/or local bookstores for ways to learn the computer. They often have computers you can use. A great site for learning the Microsoft is can be found at sponsored by Microsoft.

Check out hospitals, children’s shelters and animal shelters, as well as religious organizations about volunteer work.

There’s no time to waste in turning back the clock. Our “Wisdom Gland” actually kicks in our Gold Years; and, when socializing with others, we leave behind a piece of ourselves.

In summary, a longer life can be a sweeter life, according to research conducted at the Harvard School of Public Health.

They found that those who occasionally splurged on a sweet treat lived almost a year longer than those who did not. Maybe, we aren’t the same as we were when in 20’s, but growing older isn’t without its perks.

You can find much more information on living a holistic lifestyle in these free magazines and on our YouTube channel.

Joyce White

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