Healthy Environment

Healthy Environment

Living in a healthy environment can mean so much. It can mean looking after the earth, the situation surrounding you & things you put in and on your body. It emcpmpasses having a healthy environment, healing the planetary environment, environmental issues.

Globally, nearly 25 percent of all deaths and the total disease burden can be attributed to environmental factors.Environmental factors are diverse and far reaching. They include: Exposure to hazardous substances in the air, water, soil, and food. Natural and technological disasters.

The environment is important because everything that supports the survival of human beings is dependent on it. It is simply the only home of mankind, making it the most important aspect in life. Wellness of the environment directly relates to the wellness and health in human beings and every other species.

Our home and work environments affect our emotional as well as our physical health. Among other things, research reveals that our physical surroundings can increase or reduce our stress, which in turn impacts our bodies in multiple ways.

puzzle pieces
New Beginnings for 2011 – Life is a Puzzle, we are the Corner Pieces As a poet, I look at beginnings and endings with metaphors. Enjoy my poem below… Polliwogs & Pain It’s nice to think of tears… like polliwogs swimming around excitedly ready to evolve, It’s nice to think of sorrow as water, all...
The Greenhouse Effect
Carbon emissions come from a variety of sources. The most well known sources are the many types of vehicles and organic waste, from factory farms. Carbon compounds will naturally break down, letting loose carbon dioxide and poisons into the atmosphere. We have a situation on our planet, complicated and simple...
shifting poles
The Earth's core responds to the electromagnetism of the sun. The surface of the sun is not solid, with different rates of rotation in different places. When the earth's core moves, the magnetic poles move. The crust responds after the magma is redirected in the direction of the core. With...
The people you spend time with have a massive impact on your life both positive and negative. So pick your friends very wisely. When you spend time with others you start to do what they do, say what they say, you have common interests. If they have positive outlooks and...
Designing Utopia
All over the world, designers are becoming optimists, working together on new solutions to the planet’s worst crises. Most of us are simply overwhelmed by the innumerable problems confronting our world. Pollution, overpopulation, species extinction, poverty, disease, and severe wealth disparity—we are acutely aware of these issues but, on the whole,...
Although many recognize that an individual can be conscious of him or herself, we seldom consider whether a whole society can be conscious of itself. Certainly at moments of great tragedy or great triumph there seems to be a capacity for millions of autonomous individuals to be conscious of themselves...


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