Act With Love Instead Of Fear

Act With Love Instead Of Fear

Over the last few weeks challenges have been arising as we sleep. I am not sure about you but I wake up and wonder what the latest news is, as it is changing at a very fast pace. People are stuck in FEAR and fear causes us to think irrationally. We get stuck in fight, flight or freeze. We can change this response. We can start thinking differently. We can act in love instead of fear!

Acting in love instead of fear will help us mentally, physically and spiritually. It will help us see what is real, what we need in order to help ourselves and what we need to help OTHERS.

Acting in love instead of fear is THE THING we need to change for real change to occur globally.

I Invite You To SLOW DOWN & Consider What POSITIVE ACTION You CAN DO Right Now.

💕 You can read.

💕 You can rest.

💕 You can sleep.

💕 You can paint.

💕 You can meditate.

💕 You can watch a movie.

💕 You can spend time in nature.

💕 You can cook healthy meals.

💕 You can spend time with your loved ones.

💕 You can exercise at home. (Or better still get outside if possible).

💕 You can choose to NOT turn on the TV.

💕 You can sanitise your house and your hands when you go outside.

💕 You can eat healthy foods to support your immune system.

💕 You can focus on what you CAN CONTROL.

You can see from this list there are a bunch of creative things you CAN DO NOW. This switches your brain into the right hemisphere where you can create and come up with new ideas. We know the world needs new ideas right now as the old systems are not working.

Why not see this time as a GIFT for you to be more creative, so you will more likely be able to attract a better life for yourself. A life of love is so much better than a life of fear.

What else can you DO?💞

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