Week 1 Table Of Contents

Thank you for your trust in me to help you on your journey.

This program has been designed to teach you what you need to know, before we get into the process of creating change. It is based on science. I show you HOW the subconscious mind works, so you understand why the exercises you will be implementing create long lasting change.

To gain the best value from this program, watch the videos in sequential order. Some videos will require you to complete an exercise. There will be a button located underneath the video so you can download the PDF.

This week is about mapping out where you are in this moment and within your life.

Sometimes when creating change we feel a resistance or feel emotions come up. Know this is normal and perfect. I have designed a meditation for you to do before your exercises each week if you feel you need. This meditation will get you into a state where your subconscious mind feels safe enough to create this change for you.

Press the links below to take you to this weeks videos.

Enjoy this process!

You Are the Creator of Your Own Life