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Do We Want A Hot Ass - Exercises To Help You

Do You Want A Hot Ass? – Exercises To Help You

Do You Want A Hot Ass? ..............................YES you do! Whilst sunning myself on one of Sydney's Southern beaches, I couldn't help but notice the amount...
Foam Rolling And Why YOU Need To Add This To Your Program

Foam Rolling & Why YOU Need To Add This To Your Program

Foam Rolling or Self-Myofascial Release (SMF) is a safe and effective way to improve the tone of a muscles and break down muscle adhesion's...

Ergonomics & The Body

We are not designed to sit for long hours in one place! Yet many people work in jobs requiring them to sit all day,...
Spinal Decompression Stretching

Spinal Decompression Stretching

Our spine is an amazing and intricate piece of our body. It is made up of lots of small bony segments that are called...

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