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the benefits of breastfeeding

The Benefits Of Breastfeeding

People have been shifting toward a more complicated lifestyle with each ensuing decade. Instead of breastfeeding, conversations and family time, there’s now formula, text...
Self-Love In Pregnancy

5 Self Love Tips. Embracing & Affirming Self-Love In Pregnancy

Pregnancy and birth is a sacred spiritual journey and its inherently receptive nature is an opportunity for mother’s to tune in and receive love...
Pregnancy & The Immune System

Pregnancy & The Immune System; The Miraculous Nature Of Gestation

When researching for this edition of Holistic Living Magazine focused on the Immune system, I found some fascinating information pertaining to the interrelation and...
Conscious conception

Keys To Having A Conscious Conception

As the evolution towards greater personal health responsibility and sovereignty steadily gains momentum, the idea of consciously preparing for conception and pregnancy is becoming...

The Power Of Hypnobirthing

Why holistic birth practices can assist the transformation of the current paradigm of birth. The experience of childbirth inherently has the potential to be joyful,...
Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage – What Is It?

Pregnancy brings with it a variety of side effects, some less pleasant than others. All pregnant women can expect to experience at least a...

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