Natural Anxiety Relief – Welcome

I am so happy you joined me on this 6 part Natural Anxiety Relief video course.

When looking at anxiety there are so many techniques for us to use without taking medication.

I suffered anxiety for most of my life but now I use these techniques to help me and I want to share them with you.

Signs Of Stress Revealed. Using An Anxiety Holistic Approach – #1

Holistic Meditation – #2

Breathing Exercises. Relaxation Breathing – #3

How To Be More Present – #4

Body Awareness Exercises – #5

Stop Intrusive Thoughts – #6

I hope you enjoyed this short course packed with simple techniques for you to implement into your daily routine. The more you use them, the more natural they will become.

You body will start to respond differently as you will be growing new neural pathways and showing your body a new way to respond to anxiety.

Working with your body and mind to reduce anxiety plays a huge role in your healing journey and being able to thrive. When you can master your emotions via these simple techniques you can achieve so much more than you thought possible.

You may find some of these techniques resonate more with you than others. Practise them daily. You will notice a significant difference.

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Sharon White

Natural Anxiety Relief