Mindset Mentoring For More Success. REWIRE Your Subconscious

I support women who are already successful in life, business and the work they love, yet have reached a glass ceiling. If it’s time to break through, let me show you how.

You are a successful woman. You have already overcome so many hurdles but you are feeling frustrated because it  seems like one day your growth STOPPED DEAD! You are left wondering what else you need to do to get to your next level.

Do you need to get your anxiety under control? Do you need more self confidence? Do you doubt your abilities? Do you feel unworthy? Do you feel a resistance to change? Is taking the next step scary? If you answered yes… there is a solution.

I help you find your passion & purpose, build confidence, find your voice, find your inner saboteur, step up to become a powerful leader, gain greater success, break your glass ceiling, & rewire your subconscious.

Where are you now?

❎ Fear of change.

❎ Feel unworthy and undeserving of success.

❎ Not sure how to tap in to your inner confidence.

❎ Feeling stuck and feel you can’t show up in a bold powerful way.

❎ Doubt yourself and suffer from negative thinking about yourself and what you can achieve.

❎ Fear of being found out as a fraud or the feeling you don’t deserve your success.

❎ You want to make an impact but feel you play small.

❎ Don’t think your dreams are possible.

❎ Fear of stepping up & not sure how.

❎ Fear loss of control.

Where do you want to be?

✅ Know you can achieve your dreams and GO FOR IT!

✅ Have clarity on where you want to go and know how to get there.

✅ Get better at selling or negotiating so you can earn the money you want.

✅ Perform to your potential, feel less stressed, feel powerful and influential.

✅ Freedom from self-doubt and negative thoughts about yourself so you can step up and stand in your power.

✅ Cultivate self-compassion so you can see the lessons in ‘failure’ and grow.

✅ Learn to be more assertive so you can stand up and be seen and heard.

✅ Let go of perfectionism so you can relax and be more productive.

What Would Your Dream Life Look Like?

Imagine… what life would look like when you’ve made it happen. How will you feel? What words will you be saying to yourself? How will you stand differently? How will you act differently? Get a clear picture of what the future you would look like. Really TAP INTO that FEELING!

My coaching process is a clear, step-by-step path that takes you from where you are now to where you want to be.

What Will You Discover During Our Sessions?

• Discover your hidden challenges so you can live life more confidently and successfully

• Rewrite your OWN story the way YOU intend it so you can live your purpose and reach your goals

• Change the beliefs that no longer serve you into beliefs that EMPOWER and uplift you

• Ignite the FIRE in your belly, re-discover your passion and attract abundance

• Get crystal clear on the vision for your life so you can attract what you WANT instead of what you DON’T

• Understand your subconscious mind so that you can work WITH life’s natural ups and downs instead of constantly battling against them

Get in touch with your emotions. Feel confident and powerful in the face of life’s changes and challenges instead of being paralysed by them

• Stop subconsciously sabotaging your progress and step out of destructive cycles

•  Replace negative beliefs with beliefs that support your personal growth and goals

Overcome inner blocks. Break through the limits that have kept you confined in your health, money, relationships, career, and spirituality

Feel differently in your body so that you can FEEL GOOD about yourself and your body no matter what you see in the mirror

Find the self-love and confidence inside of you so you can confidently step into your power

• Replace old belief patterns with new empowering beliefs.

Change old behaviour patterns to learn how to attract what you want.

• Learn how to release negative emotions you continue to hold onto.

Become aware of programming from your past, from your parents, teachers, peers, environment, and see what is holding you back.

• New ways of thinking and acting that truly EMPOWER you so you can step into your power.

• New ways to empower yourself by clearing old emotions and changing your emotional state.

REWIRE Your Subconscious!


Know what you want and learn how to get it! Are you ready to STEP even more INTO YOUR POWER?

The Emotional Freedom Program will help you release yourself from the programming of your past. It was created by Sharon White and has evolved through years of treating her clients and overcoming her own limiting beliefs and behaviours.

See what others have to say about my mentoring:

This program is designed for women who have been, or are feeling stuck. It is suitable for you if you have blocks that prevent you from moving confidently into your future. If you are not where you want to be, you have a mindset block or limiting belief.I willhelp you to change your attitude, mindset and behaviour.

The Emotional Freedom Program is a 12 hour breakthrough session. It looks at how the past has affected your life and looks at why you may be attracting things that no longer serve you. It teaches you awareness about your behaviours and those around you. It teaches you how to release the old way of thinking, how to heal the past and how to move on using the resources that I will teach you.

The program involves 12 weeks coaching one on one with me via Skype. 

By The End Of The Program You Will;

Learn what you do want in your life

Learn how to clear negative emotions

Learn how to listen and recognise your self talk

Be able to look objectively at your relationships both past and present

Look at the situations that are in your life right now. Are they serving you?

Learn how to clear the emotional content of your “story” so that it doesn’t have power over or control you anymore

Look at your emotions; both the emotions on the surface and the ones you suppress

Learn how your thoughts and your emotions work hand in hand

Learn how to attract the right people and situations into your life

Learn new healthy ways of thinking, feeling and behaving


sharon white

Sharon says; “I started my journey on my path of healing at a very early age. Born to a schizophrenic mother, as a small child I had days where I was in terror for my life.

My mother used to lock me away in my bedroom all day, sometimes forgetting to feed me. I was sometimes locked in a cupboard as my mother thought I was a doll. I lived in fear as I had no idea what was going to happen to me from one minute to the next.

I remember thinking that if I pretended she was not there and became very quiet, my mum would not remember I was there and I would then be safe. I never saw or felt love from my mother. I was in a dark place and being so young I didn’t have the power or resources to get out of the situation.

I remember my bedroom window overlooked a school and I was always watching the other kids playing and wishing I was old enough to go to school because I wanted to play too. It was a way of escape for me. I would often go into a play world in my mind and have lots of friends there and this is where I felt safe.

Eventually my dad left and remarried a beautiful lady who I now call mum.”

How do you think this affected me in my life? Yes that’s right. It affected me in many ways.

For me I see gifts. I spent years learning how to understand the mind and how it works. Without this experience maybe I would not have been interested in working in this area. I have spent years working through my childhood issues, learning techniques that have helped release me from the bonds from my past. I love my job and the clients I help.

Using the techniques I will be using during our session I was able to:

✅ Integrate with other people. (I used to watch people, I didn’t know how to interact)

✅ Overcame an eating disorder

✅ Value myself and find self love

✅ Step up as the front person in my business. (Instead I used to play small so I would not be seen)

✅ Overcame obsessive compulsive disorder (it made me feel safe)

✅ Break free from depression

✅ Break free from anxiety

✅ Break free from claustrophobia

✅ I let go of control issues

✅ I was able to change my health. I had adrenal exhaustion and hypothyroidism (because I was in fight/flight mode constantly as I didn’t feel safe) and the list goes on…

This work is powerful and life changing! Are you ready to change your life?

If you always do what you have always done, you always get, what you always got. Isn’t it time to make a change now and step into the NEW MORE POWERFUL YOU?

Whenever we are working with the human mind and a persons ability to take action, there are no guarantees that any program will work. I offer a 15 minute FREE REWIRE Consultation because I want to make sure that the clients I choose to work with will get AMAZING results PLUS I want to ensure that you know you will gain benefits from working with me.

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