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I want to start by explaining why I picked this topic as a subject for a magazine. It seems a little strange as a title but I want you show you how important it is to be connected.

I have just gone through the worst depression of my life and during that time the world felt dark and I felt completely alone and disconnected from everyone and everything.

The great news is I am now out the other side and I have a better understanding why I needed to go through this time of disconnection. Because of this experience, I was able to finish writing my book and I have emerged a stronger person. So not so bad after all you may say.

In my disconnection, I realised I have to reconnect to survive.

I also realised that so many of us are feeling the same way. We are in a world of disconnection, for example, on the internet where we can talk to each other but we don’t have to be near each other, or look each other in the eye.

We can do business, work, shop, and date from the comfort of our isolated houses. We are living in a superficial world, where we can show all of the fun things that happen in our life and leave out the things that does not make us look good.

This makes people feel disconnected. People see others having a ball and don’t realise that it is not real life, but because we don’t physically talk to each other anymore, we don’t realise this.

We see the highlight of other people’s life and think that is the whole of reality. Instead of realising it’s a showreel.

When we see other people’s showreels we feel inadequate and unable to live up to the lives of others. We start shutting ourselves down even more because we feel we can never be happy all of the time, like the people we see on social media.

The truth of the matter is, most people I know had no idea that I was having suicidal thoughts. I was able to put on a smile and tell the people who asked me that I was doing well, but that was only a mask.

I was crying on the inside, with my inner voice shouting out HELP ME, I CAN’T COPE ANYMORE! I felt like I couldn’t speak and no one would understand me if I did.

I thought that I couldn’t be a healer, the owner of a holistic magazine and healing portal, and a therapist who helps people through depression, if I told people how I was really feeling, so I kept it inside and buried it a little deeper. I know many others use this strategy too.

What helped me out of my depression was the realisation that I had to reconnect. Not only with others but my sense of self, my emotions, beliefs, thoughts, body, and little by little I started getting stronger and stronger.

The stronger I got, the more I started connecting with my friends, telling them how I had been feeling. The power of talking to them helped me connect even more.

When I connected more, I started doing things I love again. Doing this made me start feeling strong again.

Just like a tree, the stronger the roots, (that grounds them and connects them to the world) the stronger it grows. We all need to grow strong connections like a tree does.

This was a very powerful process for me and I hope that through this magazine, and through the eyes of the other experts, you will see areas in your life where you can connect a little more, so you will be able to grow, heal and flourish.

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