Zanne Friida Piilipson

Intuitive Mentor & Rapid Behavioural Expert

Zanne Piilipson

Until 2006 I was in the Danish Army as a lance corporal boxing with the national team, having several martial arts belts and exercising 6 times per week, up to two times per day.

Shortly after leaving the army, I realised that my whole life was a charade, trying to impress my father, that passed away 20 years earlier. Shortly after leaving the army I ended up in a wheelchair. I was run down on my motorcycle, by a tractor. When I was struggling the most with myself, being a very sensitive person, I couldn’t find the help I needed in the holistic world.

I tried hundreds of body therapists, psychics, healers, regression therapists, aura mediators, and other types of treatment. Nothing helped me overcome the eating disorder, post-traumatic stress, chronic pain, arthritis, traumas, allergies, food intolerances and fears.

I realized that I had to find my own way and signed myself up for a body therapy education. I also became a aura mediator, took healing seminars, went to mediumship classes around Europe, and still something was missing to help me release the traumas and abuse from my childhood.

My mentor taught me a shamanistic exercise and there it was! The tool I had waited for, my own shaman abilities to be released. I combined it with inner child therapy, developed my own regression therapy techniques, new aura concept, alchemistic mantras and healing techniques.

The clients just kept coming, even though I isolated myself up north in Denmark, in the most reclusive area for about 8 years where the main goal was to set myself free from my past. The clients were mostly energy masters, great healers, therapists, doctors, body therapists, aura mediators, coaches, psychotherapists and other talented people, who needed help to make peace with their past.

They would master the inner balance, they received new aura/energy upgrade, were aligned with their inner divine capacity, once and for all. 12 years has passed and I have taught 100.000+ people online to embrace their vulnerability and sensitivity. More than 6.000 people have received a session, therapy and counselling – including marriage and self love guidance.

I have launched my new concept LoveAlchemistry which is for aware, successful women who want to achieve success in their love-life too.

Be WILD, be FREE, be YOU!

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