Valentina Mathias

Energy Healer & doTERRA Wellness Advocate

Valentina Mathias

I am a healer living and working on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia with my teenage son, Deniz and my wolf dog, Charlie. I love that my lifestyle incorporates walking on the beach every day and meditating/healing for 2 hours every morning. I also often walk in the forest – this helps me to remain connected to nature and feel happy, grounded and balanced most of the time.

You see I believe we have an ancestral relationship with the plant kingdom going back centuries, that has now been reclaimed through the use of doTERRA pure essential oils. When I first saw a bottle of lavender being opened I witnessed lavender nature spirits around the vapours – this is my Wisdom – my way of knowing this company’s oils are pure and maintain molecular integrity. After that I learnt about the science of their production techniques.

Three things I know about me:

  • I am an excellent healer and literally see people’s bodies energetically.
  • Your body will also talk to me and tell me what energy technique and oil it needs.
  • And … I am part of a large extended family; all of us wildly different, but loving and accepting each other the way we are. They are so amazing, as are my friends and clients.

Three things other people say about me:

  • I am a peaceful, floating energy field.
  • My teaching methods are innovative, practical and effective.
  • I am nurturing to be around and often ‘save client’s lives’ when they are in crisis.

Qualifications & Areas of Expertise:

  • Karuna Reiki Master teacher and practitioner.
  • Akashic Records teacher and practitioner.
  • Tibetan Singing Bowl sound healer.
  • Crystal Whisperer.
  • Quantum Ho’oponopono facilitator and practitioner.
  • doTERRA pure essential oils advocate, teacher and mentor.

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