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Therapist – Naturopath – Reiki Practitioner – Lifestyle Coach

Simon Glantz - therapist, naturopath, Reiki practitioner and lifestyle coach

I am a nutritional therapist, naturopath, Reiki practitioner and lifestyle coach who specialises in offering targeted nutritional advice tailored to your body type and blood group and positive lifestyle changes to help you thrive in an increasingly hectic and polluted world.

I have been practising nutrition and naturopathy since 2009. My own journey into holistic health started shortly after my mother died from cancer. I was appalled by the quality of treatment for cancer patients.

Shortly after I trained as a nutritionist and naturopath began helping clients, friends and family members to regain their health. My main focus is on targeted nutritional advice for your body type and blood group.

There is no such thing as the ideal diet. We are all different. Our immune systems, for example, vary greatly based on our genetics and it is important to make sure that the food we eat is appropriate for our individual makeup.

I’m also heavily focused on aspects of TCM with regards to the energetics of food and how this can help us balance our bodies, especially with regards to the climate where we are living, the season we are in and our particular health condition.

Another significant area of focus for me is mineral rebalancing. The vast majority of people today are deficient in a number of key minerals, magnesium being the most important and most common. Minerals are the core of physiological health as they are essential to just about every biological process that occurs in the body.

I also specialise in targeted nutritional supplements, herbal medicines and a wealth of healing modalities from traditional to cutting edge that help the body to detoxify, recalibrate and rebalance itself.

Sadly, we are no longer living in a pristine world in which the air, water and environment are clean and supportive of heath. Therefore, many of us need to take measures to compensate for the toxicity in the environment around us.

Environmental factors are often overlooked by practitioners, and yet no amount of good nutrition and even body and mind work is going to be truly effective if the environments in which we live and work are toxic and we do not take steps to counteract this toxicity.

Another area of expertise is the ancient wisdom of 9 Star Ki. This is an ancient branch of astrology, related to the I Ching and Feng Shui, which deeply influences our personality type, emotional patterns and relationships.

One area of interest that I am especially passionate about is mental health.

Having suffered with extreme neurological dysfunction from early childhood (with severe, uncontrollable shaking, fits, meltdowns, tics, anxiety and depression), and having spent the last 10 years fine tuning a number of remarkable treatment and protocols to address such issues.

I am now in a position to offer real hope to people suffering from a wide range of mental health issues from: Autism spectrum disorders, depression, anxiety, OCD, ADHD, Schizophrenia and other chronic neurological diseases.

I also specialise in helping people with other chronic diseases. It is my observation that all chronic diseases are essentially one core disease with many different expressions, depending on the individual’s particular weaknesses, traumas and genetic makeup.

However, on a physiological level at least, cellular dysfunction is at the core of each and every chronic disease and focusing on optimising the health of the cells yields remarkable results in every case. Once our cells are properly nourished, cleansed and energised, the body knows exactly what to do and restores homeostasis effortlessly.

My treatments work especially well in conjunction with other mind/body therapies

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