Pavitar Deborah Turner

Meditation Instructor & Transformation Specialist

Pavitar Deborah Turner

I have been working with people transforming their lives for 30 yrs. Under the umbrella of “Love Life & Laughter” I facilitate meditation groups, personal growth courses, life coaching and transformational counselling internationally. I am also a radio presenter & at times inspirational speaker supporting people to recognise their gifts and how to utilise them in all aspects of their lives.

Coming from a rather damaged past and traumatic childhood the journey of healing took many years of therapy and during these growth filled years it became clear to me that my passion and gift was to help and facilitate healing in others.

Growing up in Melbourne Australia in the Jewish community, there were many expectations and challenges to be faced. I never quite felt like I belonged and to make matters worse each day seemed to be a case of how am I going to survive and how can I make them love me.

In my early 20’s the exploration of life led me to many spiritual questions and hence also spiritual teachers. The one who had the biggest impact and where my Sanskrit name ‘Pavitar’ comes from was Osho. I read an Osho book and for the first time I felt like there was hope and no I’m not mad or wrong.

For several years I worked in advertising, film and television to support myself on the healing path and in those days I was introduced to meditation which I discovered released stress and worked like a miracle on my depression.

At 35 I moved to Byron Bay in Northern NSW Australia where there is a big focus on personal growth, healing, sustainability, meditation and farmers markets…. all those good New Age things, which have now become very mainstream. During my 25 years in Byron I had a son, became a registered counsellor, did a weekly radio show on spiritual practice and supporting community, ran events and began my practice as a counsellor, life coach, meditation guide and teacher.

Through individual sessions, teaching meditation, running meditation evenings, running workshops and inspirational public speaking I am able to facilitate others to have the life they desire and experience joy, peace and and a genuine sense of well being. And the best bit, you move from the head to the heart and finally find your truth and freedom.

In order to live and experience life fully and be happy all the time it is necessary to be willing to directly meet what is here right now. Human beings are very good at avoiding the what is and we all have so many patterns that divert us from our path and from fulfilment.

I will help you to discover deep peace, love, and joy and be really inspired to live your life to the fullest…. Curiosity is the key as is gratitude, both qualities that are kind and gentle and pave the way for simplistic healing and transformation to unfold…

I will also guide and teach you to transit the pure divine energy for yourself and to help others. I have an acute ability to read where you are and hence support you in where you want to be.

Love, Life & Laughter!