Madelaine Vallin

Self-Mastery Coach

Madelaine Vallin - Self Mastery Coach

I am a Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Holistic Counsellor.

I bring a unique approach to coaching, counselling and transformation by combining strategies, transformational skills & my fine-tuned intuition to bring about lasting change in my clients.

With over a decade of education within Coaching, Meditation Therapy, Positive Psychology, Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, NLP & Brain-Body Medicine, I hold a vast & deep understanding in the area of self-development.

My mission is to help and support people to regain their inner strength by teaching them how to re-connect with themselves, remove negative belief systems & regain their power so that they can become the CEO’s of their own lives.

My clients come from all different walks of life: from the entertainment industry to business leaders, teachers, creatives and entrepreneurs they all have two things in common: A desire to reconnect to their inner deepest sense of self and make a positive impact in the world.

What would happen if we all become the leader of our own lives, have the courage to show our talents and start living life by our own rules?

I have devoted my life to the art of spiritual growth, the power of creativity and helping people transform their lives by reconnecting to their deepest heart desires.

Are you ready to step up?

Madelaine Vallin - Self-Mastery Coach

Are you leader? Do you secretly KNOW you have a mission to serve humanity and the world?