Kim Knight

The Knight Method Founder & Facilitator

Kim Knight

If you’ve been searching for answers to seemingly inexplicable symptoms of ill health, no matter how long you’ve been experiencing them, or how many medical practitioners or specialists have told you they don’t know what’s wrong, in just one session I’ll show you exactly what is causing the problem.

Even if all your tests are showing up negative but you just know something is wrong because you feel so lousy, I can help you solve the mystery. How? Because the cause of most physical symptoms is not to be found at a physical level!

Here’s how I can help you… in a nutshell…

  • I can help YOU to clear all types of physical and emotional pain by getting to the root cause of your issue and clearing it out from the core.
  • I can show YOU how to put a stop to bullies or unacceptable behaviour from others, including how to stand up for yourself and speak your truth without feeling guilty or afraid.
  • I can show YOU how to de-stress your life by taking back control of your mind, emotions and lifestyle habits.
  • I can teach YOU how to become the master of your emotions so you are no longer afraid to voice your feelings.
  • I can teach YOU how to tune into and follow your intuition (inner tutor) so you make the best decisions for yourself.
  • I can teach YOU how to have a genuinely healthy ‘work-life balance’ without sacrificing yourself.
  • I can show YOU how to become the best and most authentic version of yourself.

I have studied more than 20 revolutionary theories and methods in order to restore my own health after a 20 year long struggle. These are now the same techniques which I use to help hundreds of people worldwide.

My clients come to me because they are tired, sick, overwhelmed or suffering a chronic health condition that no-one seems to be able to fathom. It is my privilege to be able to help them understand the real root cause of the problem and help them turn their life around.

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Do you know you already have everything you need inside to reverse symptoms of chronic pain, fatigue, stress and more?