Jason Gonsalves

Holistic Brain Technique Founder & Facilitator

Jason Gonsalves

I explain the purpose of this Emotional Wellness Tool and how it separates itself from other mainstream and alternative techniques and treatments in the video below.This Holistic Brain Technique breaks through your subconscious using unique and specific breathing patterns, stimulating visualization through spoken word that represent the right and left side of the brain, with custom graphics that Jason designs based on your basic foundation.

These combinations, sequences and graphics connect the neurons in your brain, heart and gut (digestive system) together helping to stimulate the brain, which then releases not only your natural hormones, but naturally produces and releases your natural DMT through our pineal gland, experiencing levels of euphoric consciousness and enlightenment.

My Holistic Brain Technique’s natural process re-wires the brain from your emotional traumas and conflicts, giving off the sense and state of euphoria that you’ve had locked inside of us all along. Going to the roots of our traumas and addictions, deleting the negative information and frequencies within your mind, body, and soul while overcoming and facing your darkest fears. This creates balance with yourself, thus creating self-healing.

It has always been nerve breaking to face our fears, especially in today’s society. In order for us to achieve and prosper we have to understand self love and not be afraid to open up. Understanding through a feeling will help you recognize and perceive that any trauma or pain from the past is nothing but a scar that becomes a memory of an experience.

Through integrity and learning how to step outside of yourself for a moment, to make a decision through a neutral perception and execute that decision focused on what is best for the total, for yourself, for the environment and our planet. Only then will you heal through balance.

Jason Gonsalves - Holistic Brain Technique Founder

Holistic Brain Technique has been helping drug and alcohol addiction, anxiety, depression, PTSD, insomnia, mental and physical ailments/traumas, emotional wellness, memory loss, respiratory issues while achieving our higher sense of consciousness.