Clarissa Mosley

Psychologist – Psychotherapist

Clarissa Mosley - Psychologist, Psychotherapist

Clarissa Mosley is a registered psychologist, psychotherapist and facilitator of ‘The Healing Experience’ and immersive group process incorporating the power of sound and guided meditation to correct negative emotional patterns and manifest ones’ desired life.

Clarissa has over 27 years experience in the field of personal development, spiritual growth and wellness. She has practiced as a psychotherapist for over 23 years, a psychologist for 10 years and recently incorporated the most effective tools from her experience into the group programme.

Professional specialisations include working with the biochemical causes of mental illness, relationship therapy, early parenting and individual psychotherapy.

Clarissa has been trained under a lineage of teachers including her Gestalt training with Anna Bernet who was mentored by A.H.Almass and Jorge Rosner; The Enneagram SAT training with Claudio Naranjo, The Evolutionary Collective with Patricia Albere one of the original EST teachers, and Allan Schore the seminal developmental neuroscientist.

Over the years Clarissa has also been induced into several energy healing forms including Reiki, Pranic Healing, Tesla metamorphosis and transmissions of kundalini activation from Venant Wong.

Interested in methods that expand consciousness Clarissa has explored many modalities. Most recently she travelled to the USA and spent two years within the Evolutionary Collective in service to developing a framework for unity consciousness graduating as a Mutual Awakening Teacher. Soon she will voyage with Dr. Joe Dispenza, renowned author of many books including Evolve Your Brain and leader in the field of creating change through mindful practices.

Creating a life of EASE

Clarissa Mosley