Caroline Dunn

Shaman – Ancestral Medicine Women

Caroline Dunn

I have a Degree in Psychology and a goal of doing my honours in 2018. I studied this degree whilst home-schooling our four boys of different ages within the Rudolf Steiner Education framework, and I had to meet and exceed the compliance needs of NSW/QLD Dept of Education. Before this I had a career in hospitality and I also hold a Diploma in Hospitality Management.

The Ancestral Medicine Women are a unique holistic health and healing resource, and they are channeled by myself. These amazing beings are a lineage of women from Bradley’s maternal line, whom were all healers in their own time, still compelled to heal, to bring relief and see people prosper in the wonder of their life.

I and my husband Brad often work as a team to offer insight, knowledge and pathways to bring about the life you want, whether that is healing or learning.
We journey with you to make your new way of life possible. Get the break through you want.

For your consultation we channel hundreds of Medicine Women to come around you. Using hundreds of lived experiences, they confer and consult amongst each other about solutions for your situation, and pathways to the life that beckons you. Brad and myself facilitate you through this process.

We consult in:

  • Relationships and families
  • Health and well-being
  • Career and work
  • Getting on in life (finances are too limiting)
  • Development of Hidden Healing Skill and Your Healing Practice

We can also work in almost any area of your life that you are finding difficult, or not as fulfilling as you had hoped, or desired. Long-term treatment problems like Schizophrenia are beyond the scope of our normal engagement.

Past lives, relationships, family energies, physical symptoms, environmental energies and much more are considered by hundreds of healers. Each compelled to bring you the relief you seek. Each compelled to make sure their insight is considered by the group, so nothing is missed.

Our Gift Is Making All Healing and Change Possible.

Our Approach is Unique.