Brad Dunn

MindBody Constellations Facilitator

Brad Dunn

I and my wife Caroline have been constellating since 2010. We first experienced constellation work in 2007.

I have a Diploma in Hospitality, but I left hospitality to pursue a career in sales, marketing and management. Whilst completing a Diploma of Marketing I found myself drawn into the world of personal development.

I have done many years work in the goal setting and personal change arena, as a trainer, facilitator and consultant for 10 years. I ran a recruitment consultancy in Edinburgh for 3 years before returning to Australia.

I’m intense and deep, I’ll always take people deeper into who they are, and why they can’t get what they want. I am fascinated by healing and change. I am Shaman and have run with my wife Caroline’s Cairns Shamanic Circle for over three years.

My healing practice is guided by a robust healing methodology, which embraces enthusiastically this idea of trans-generational healing and addressing the epigenetics always in creating personal and family unit change.

My shamanic apprenticeship is a 30 year commitment to my teacher, far more training than similar roles in the personal change/well-being industry.

I am also a facilitator of Enneagram – Wisdom of the Self, a Transcending Meditation Teacher and a commercial and personal organic gardener. I hope to have the breadth and depth to tackle what mainstream health support modalities seem to avoid in the creation of well-being in people and families.

My wife Caroline and myself have run hundreds of constellations in groups, in person, and on single-sheets of paper since 2010. We are committed to helping people achieve the change and development that they are looking for in life, and endeavour to do this with respect, dignity and honour.

I look forward to meeting you, and hearing about your life journey and your dreams.

Do you want to be taken deeper into who you are, so you can find out HOW to get what you WANT?