Adrian Jones

Super Human Consciousness

Adrian Jones

I am an intuitively sensitive individual with an elevated super-consciousness and I work with the energy of the Universe, the Angels of Atlantis and other Ascended Masters to co-create the conditions for inner harmony and healing. My strong intuitive gifts have helped me to uncover hidden Universal truths about life which I am in the process of putting into my second book.

Part of my research for this book has been to explore the energy systems of the human mind and body to understand how thoughts create innovative neurology, chemical biology and cellular physiology to shape the health of the world we create for ourselves and each other.

Human consciousness is the realisation and appreciation of our Universal interconnectedness with the energy of all living things. Super-human consciousness is the gift of intuitive intelligence to acknowledge and nurture these connections through the freedom and expression of unconditional love.

If we are to truly evolve into superconscious humans then maybe it is time to start telling ourselves a different story!