Dealing with Anxiety & Stress Naturally – Day 4

It’s Day 4 of Dealing with Anxiety Naturally here we go…

Meet Liberty Santiago – Liberty’s superpower is confidently helping others manifest miracles!

Liberty set out to help others discover their own manifesting power through establishing Diamond Consulting LLC in early 2020. 

Liberty’s purpose is to help heart centred entrepreneurs on a deep level. 

Liberty feels chosen to help people through the manifestation work inside the programs she creates, 1:1 and group coaching.

Liberty Santiago

I really enjoyed our conversation. We spoke about selfcare and how important it is when it comes to healing anxiety and stress.

When we are stuck in a state of flight/flight/freeze and are anxious about the future, we forget about ourselves.

Anxiety takes us out of the now and projects us into the future. The techniques Liberty talks about will ground us back into our body in the NOW!

We talk about selfcare being a decision that we can make to start our journey of healing from anxiety and stress.

We talk about aromatherapy and the oils we can use to change our body and mind instantly.

Liberty talks about self love, dry brushing, affirmations, journaling and so much more.

Listen to the video below to get more tips and listen to the AMAZING gift she is giving you that you can use straight away to lessen anxiety and stress and start living a calmer life.

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