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Sharon White talks to Jane Turner about Building Resilience.

 Sharon White talks to Adrian Hanks About Holding Onto Trapped Emotions 

Sharon White talks to Jane Turner about Weight loss. A Hero’s Journey 

Sharon White Talks To Jane Turner About The Impostor Syndrome 

Sharon White talks to Maria Benardis about Ancient Healing Methods

Earth’s Beauty 10 Minute Visualization Video  by

Sharon White Talks To Adrian Hanks About The Immune System & Energy Healing

Sharon White talks to Skye Hennessey About Breathwork

Sharon White talks to Jane Turner about Coping With Stress

Sharon White talks to Edua Potor our Rejuvenation Expert

Meditation by Robert Kirby 

Pip Oxlade talks about her Being In Colour Cards

Sharon White talks to Joanna Rushton about the 6 Foundation Principles of Health

Jim Graywolf Petruzzi talks about Shamanism

Karen Quant & Adrian Hanks Talk To Sharon White about their Soul Walk with Crystal Singing Bowls

Sharon White talks to Claire Flynn about Breathwork & Sexual Energy

Sharon White talks to Shona Russell about Forensic Healing

Shona Russell does a short demo of the Forensic Healing System

Sharon White talks to Robert Kirby about his journey and how he helps his clients

Sharon White talks to Rachael Thompson Phillips about her BE YOU oracle cards 

5 Motivational Tips from Angie Singh – Part 1

5 Motivational Tips from Angie Singh – Part 2

Benefits Of Working With The Subconscious Mind by Sharon White

 Benefits Of Massage by Sharon White

Sharon White interviewed by Allison Flynn On Thyroid Health

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