The Art Of Being Movie

The Art Of Being Movie

This is a story of courage, a search for truth, a journey of trust and a quest for answers. Will the forest family discover what they are looking for, overcome obstacles, meet the people they want to interview and find the answers?

The theme of spiritual and personal quest carries us through this story, as we are given enlightening insights on this unique journey to discover the art of being.

The Art of Being is a documentary which takes the viewer on an extraordinary journey of one woman’s quest through life, seeking the answers to some of life’s universal questions.

Who am I? Who is God? How can we find peace?

The film spans over 2 decades, following Shraddha Star, an Australian woman, filmmaker, mother and nature lover, devoted to her quest, as a spiritual seeker. With her growing family, husband and 3 children, they travel around the world meeting and living with Indigenous and alternative, cultures and communities. Interviewing Indigenous elders and spiritual masters from many cultural traditions. This quest for meaning took the family around the globe to meet spiritual leaders:

H.H. The Dalai Lama, Osho Rajneesh, Sri Papaji- India, Dorothy Maclean – Findhorn Scotland, Jose Arguelles -Mayan, Chief Arvol Looking Horse – Lakota and other peacekeepers and visionaries.

Shraddha documents her personal development and growth, as she home births her children and creates her home in the rainforest, situated on the rim of the Wollumbin Caldera, of Northern nsw, Australia.

This is a story of courage, a search for truth, a journey of faith and a quest for answers. Will they find what they are looking for? Will they get to their destination, amongst the many obstacles? Meet the people they want to interview, and discover the answers?

This theme of spiritual and personal quest, carries us through this documentary, as we are given rare and wonderful insights, from this unique journey. The style of this documentary is that of a personal narrative, with a heartfelt voiceover, taking us on an intimate journey. Like ones own mind, sharing its deepest thoughts on life, love and God. Rare and original footage and colorful visuals accompanied by an original music score, as well as live recordings on location, this global documentary takes us to some of the worlds most active peacekeeping people and places of power.

We learn about the roles of indigenous elders and spiritual masters as peace-keepers and carers of the Environment. Along with spectacular footage of their land and culture.

The film opens in the Australian rainforest, where Shraddha can be seen in a fire heated bath, in the forest. As she gazes up through the trees to the stars, Shraddha contemplates the questions, which will send her and her family on a pilgrimage, to the four corners of the planet.

Shraddhas journey, to find the Art of Being, starts with attendance at a performance of the Gyoto Monks of Tibet, in Byron Bay. Shraddha having left the city , after working successfully as an actress, now in her early 30’s, has moved to Northern NSW to find an alternative lifestyle. During the monks performance Shraddha falls into a trance, when she ‘awakens’ she has the conviction that she will make a film, called the ‘The Art of Being’.


Dedicated to World Peace and our connection to nature and the environment and survival of Planet Earth May all Beings Be Happy and discover the one truth of who we are to discover the Art of Being.

Through the medium of film and sound touch the spirit of the audience and all who ask the meaning of life. To call on voices from the four directions of mother Earth and the wisdom of the Spiritual Masters and Indigenous Elders.

To search for our connection to spirit and nature, experiencing humanity’s pilgrimage to god.

To discover the beauty of life though the self and find true peace from birth to death and beyond.


Originally it started with a guidance that Shraddha received and because we lived such a different and extraordinary life it felt important to document and reveal to others that there are choices in how we live our lives and that each life is an art piece of opportunity.

To honor and to celebrate the grace that has brought us to the different wisdom keepers on the planet the masters and elders that we have met along the way and to honor the commitments we have made to share their words and help to promote peace on earth.

We are making this film because of a deep concern for our future generations. We want to see that our children have their birth right to live on a planet that has fresh water and clean air and freedom to be a happy human being.

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